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AUSTRIA Cancels on first issues

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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the cd's;
contact me if you want to purchase them:

A few examples of the many postmarks that can be found on Austrian stamps:

Mute cancels ('Stumme-Stempel' in German, others exist):

Vienna 4-ring cancel with dots in the center

Vienna grid cancel

(Krakau mute cancel; circle with mute cancel)

Other mute cancels exist of other towns, see for example: http://www.helsinki.fi/~korhonen/boehm/boehm3p_stumme.html (in German).

I know of the following mute cancels:
Batzau (Patzau?); open circle constiting of 8 parts and one central closed circle
three concentric circles with rays, square with 12 smaller squares in the middle (picture can be found on the above mentioned website),
Bludenz; parallel lines,
Budweis; circle with dots (picture can be found on the above mentioned website),
Czimelitz; 6 concentric circles,
Gran; square with 6 x 6 smaller squares,
Jaegerndorf; Flower like cancel,
Krakau; Circle with fancy pattern,
Mezzolombardo; circle constisting of lines, white disk in the center,
Krelowitz; 3 concentric lines black disk in the center (two types),
Nagy Banya; cancel similar to the 'Muhlrad' (millwheel) cancels of Bavaria,
Pesth; millwheel cancel or wheel cancel,
Potschatek; circles,
Pressburg; pattern of concentric circles with one circle larger, dots in the center,
Tabor; 3 concentric circles with a black disk in the center (picture can be found on the above mentioned website),
Teschen; circle with arrows pointing inwards,
Vienna (Wien); four concentric circles with dots in the center (two types, most common mute cancel)
or grid consisting of 6 x 6 small lozenges (see image above),
Wischau; small millwheel cancel,

There also exist some other mute cancels where the town of origin is unknown.

If anybody possesses images of these cancels, please contact me!

(A Vienna cancel '1' in 4 concentric rings)

(Vienna ray-cancel; Wien Strahlenstempel)


Townname and date ('Lang-Stempel' in German):

6 k brown "Troppau"

Townname and date in square ('Kasten-Stempel' in German):

Two-ring cancel with townname and date and Vienna cancel:

Townname and date in circle

'Pest' cancel, now in Hungary Gradisca cancel, now in Italy

Townname and date with special ornament below:

Hollabrun fancy cancel

'Schrems' in an ellipse

'RECOMMANDIRT' cancel (in red, = 'registered' in english):

Other cancel:

Cancels on later series:

(Another fancy cancel of Hollabrun, reduced size)

Austrian Italy cancel (on 'SOLDI' stamps):

('Imp Reg Vapori' cancel)

Seepost cancels:

"Lettere per mare"


An interesting website with more cancels: http://berg.heim.at/kaprun/430320/01-Lehr/06/02/OT.htm

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2