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Small country between France and Spain

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1875 Non issued stamps

12 non issued values with inscription 'REPUBLICA ANDORRA' exist (1875, other sources say 1896?) in two types; 5 to 75 cmos (8 values) in a diamond shaped design and 1 pes to 10 pes (4 values) in an elliptic design. I've also seen them perforated. They were printed to the order of a dealer in Madrid, who sold them as genuine stamps. Also misprints exist, for example 'DUE PESETA' black printed together with a 1 P black stamp, or 15 cts printed together with 75 cts. I've also seen them with overprint 'SELLO DE SERVICO'. These 'essays' were made under the influence of the stamp forger Placido Ramon de Torres.


In the book from Bourdi: 'Les Timbres poste de fantaisie' a Leipzig emission is mentioned which was supposed to have been made in 1883. A man with beard (Louis Senf) with a hat is pictured on this stamp 10 c red. The inscription is 'Republica de Andorra Diez centimos' with 'Mostaza H.S.' at the bottom (which translates as Senf=mustard in Spanish). I have never seen this stamp, if anybody has an image of such a stamp, please contact me! (information obtained from Gerhard Lang). Futher investigation learns us that actually Moens made this stamp, since he was angry with the fact that Senf copied his articles without citing him. Thus Moens created a fictitious stamp of Andorra, and got some friends to send it to Senf. Senf then took the bait and published this stamp. Moens then rediculized him in his journal. The Bourdi book says:
'1883. - Emission de Leipzig. Homme barbu (sans doute Louis Senf) de profil gauche, surmontÚ d'un bonnet phrygien. Inscription autour :"Republica de Andorra / Diez Centimos" et au bas "Mostaza H.S."Valeur au 4 coins. Dent. 10 centimos rouge-foncÚ"

Spanish post offices in Andorra

1928 Stamps of Spain overprinted 'CORREOS ANDORRA' in red or black

(Reduced sizes)

  2 c green
  5 c lilac
  10 c green
  15 c blue
  20 c violet
  25 c red
  30 c brown
  40 c blue
  50 c orange
  1 P blue
  4 P red
  10 P brown

Express stamp, inscription 'CORRESPONDENCIA URGENTE' 

(Reduced size)

  20 c red

Unissued airmail stamps (1934):

These stamps were prepared to serve for an airmail service from Andorra to Barcelona (Spain). However, the service was never put into use. Two other designs exists and the overprint 'FRANQUICIA DEL CONSELL'


Loads of information can be found at: http://www.chy-an-piran.demon.co.uk/

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