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STRAITS SETTLEMENTS Firm Chops on first issues, L-M

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The stamps of Straits Settlements are almost always heavily cancelled, most of the time they also bear firm chops (as a protection against theft). Some of them are large enough to cover three individual stamps. The following website http://www.michelhoude.com shows many of such chops and provides very useful information. More information on some firms that used these chops: http://seasiavisions.library.cornell.edu/catalog/seapage:233_675. A list of forwarding agents can be found at: http://pbbooks.com/webfa.htm

Straits Settlements firm chops on early stamps, K

Examples of such chops:

"JOHN LITTLE & Co" several types exist.


Another "LORRAIN & GILLESPIE PAID" cancel in an ellipse

"STAMPED AND ?? SINGAPORE MACLAINE FRASER & CO"? Also "M.F.&Co" for Maclaine Fraser & Co.

"Forwarded MACLAINE FRASER & Co SINGAPORE", also exists in blue.



"M.B.I.Ld" in violet: Mercantile Bank of India Ltd

"M.F.&Co": see under Maclaine Fraser & Co.

"Mc ALISTER & CO SINGAPORE" in two lines in violet. Also "Mc ALISTER & Co" in one line. There are in total 7 different types of this company. The company also used a perfin "McA & Co LTD" (I've seen this on King George V stamps).


"M.D.& Co." in a blue box from Martin Dyer & Co. Next to it in a red box. Two other types exists of this company.


"MITSUI BUSSAN KAISHA SINGAPORE" in an ellipse with date in the center

Straits Settlements firm chops on early stamps, N-Z

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