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Julius Schlesinger was an early German stamp expertiser first in Breslau and later in Berlin. His expert mark 'J.Schl.' was said to be equivalent to 'Is Schlecht' ('Is Bad', source 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E.Tyler). According to the same source he did forge overprints of the 1885 South Bulgaria stamps. His expert mark was also forged by the Spetsiotis brothers in Athens on forged Greek stamps around 1905.

Image obtained from http://www.bdph.de/kdb/fileadmin/PDF_Dateien/pruefwesen.pdf

According to http://www.bdph.de/kdb/fileadmin/PDF_Dateien/pruefwesen.pdf, when complaints started Louis Senf and Alfred Moschkau defended Schlesinger with the words "Irren ist menschlich" (making mistakes is human) and "wer denn wohl unfehlbar sei" (who doesn't make mistakes?) respectively.

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