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(on German stamps)

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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the catalogue;
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ATTENTION, most of these overprints were just made for stamp collectors!


The stamps of Germany, overprinted 'Gen.-Gouv Warschau', were used in certain towns of Poland, a further overprint was applied in the towns of Blonie, Brzeziny, Grodjisk, Kalisz, Leczyca, Lowitz, Ostroleka, Ostrow, Otwock, Plonsk, Poddebice, Pultusk, Sieradz, Skierniewice and Wloclawek. Examples:

Grodjisk, stamps of Germany, overprinted 'Gen Gouv Warschau', and further overprinted 'POCZTA POLSKA' and 3 bars

Kalisz, 1)Eagle with overprint 'POCZTA POLSKA', 2) Other eagle with overprint 'POCZTA POLSKA' and 3) overprint 'POCZTA POLSKA KALISZ'


I have seen many stamps with all the same cancel: Kalisz * * *, (see the two images above).

Makow (?)


The following values were overprinted in Ostrow (only a few hundred to a few thousand of each): 2 1/2 p, 3 p, 5 p, 7 1/2 p, 10 p, 15 p, 20 p, 30 p and 40 p. A postcard of 7 1/2 p was also overprinted.







Local overprint "Na Skarb Narodowy":

(Genuine overprint)

I've been told that this overprint is genuine, there is 3 mm space between the two lines of text. Forgeries exist with a distance of only 1.5 mm between the lines of text.


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