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In 1920 the Memel territory (formerly belonging to Germany) was put under the influence of France. It joined Lithuania in 1923.

1920 stamps of Germany overprinted 'Memel gebiet'

30 p blue
Stamps of Germany, overprinted 'Memelgebiet')

  5 p green
  10 p red
  10 p orange
  15 p lilac
  20 p blue
  30 p orange and black
  30 p blue
  40 p red and black
  50 p violet and black
  60 p olive
  75 p green and black
  80 p blue

Larger size

  1 M red
  1.25 M green
  1.50 M brown
  2 M blue
  2.50 M lilac

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
5 pc* 
10 p red****** 
10 p orangecc 
15 p****** 
20 pcc 
30 p orange and black **** 
30 p bluecc 
40 pcc 
50 p** 
60 p** 
75 p****** 
80 p** 
1 M** 
1.25 MRR 
1.50 M****** 
2 M****** 
2.50 M****** 

Numerous stamps of France were also overprinted with 'MEMEL', examples:

(Stamps of France, overprinted 'MEMEL')


Stamps with inscription 'KLAIPEDA MEMEL' were first issued in 1923, examples:

(Examples of stamps of Memel)


Fiscal Stamps


In the above design I have seen the values: 25 c, 50 c, 1 L and 2 L. I have still seen them being used as late as 1930.


Inscription' KLAIPEDA' on top, 'MEMELGEBIET' at the bottom

In this design I have seen:
a) With 'Wechl.-St.' overprint: 1 L blue and 2 L grey
b) With 'Fr. U. St.' overprint: 3 L lilac


Arms of Memel, inscription 'MEMELGEBIET' in an arch on top

In this design I have seen (the value inscription is always in black):
a) With inscription 'Staats-Stempel': 2 M green, 3 M green, 4 M green
b) With inscription 'Staats-Stempel' and overprint 'S.V.A.': 30 p green, 50 p green, 1 M green, 1 1/2 M green, 2 1/2 M green and 3 M green. I have also seen '1 Lit.' (red) and two red lines on 30 p green (see image above).
c) With inscription 'S.V.A.' at the bottom: 20 p blue, 2 M blue, 10 M blue, 15 M blue and 20 M blue.

Stamps - Timbres-Poste - Briefmarken

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1