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MAURITIUS Miscellaneous

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Postage Due Stamps

1954 Value in circle, inscription 'POSTAGE DUE MAURITIUS'

7 values: 50 c lilac, 1 R orange.

In 1966 6 new values were issued: 2 c black, 20 c blue.


In 1982 another 6 values were issued (postage stamps, with overprint 'POSTAGE DUE'.

Fiscal stamps


1889 Postage stamps overprinted 'INLAND REVENUE'

4 c red, 4 c lilac (overprint at the sides)


1891 Inscription 'INLAND REVENUE'

4 c lilac, inland revenue

A 4 c lilac and a 4 c green were issued. They have watermark 'CA crown'.



1869: 3 p blue, 6 p blue, 1 Sh, 2 Sh, 3 Sh, 4 Sh, 5 Sh, 10 Sh (all shilling values in brown and violet), 1 Pound violet and brown.

1872 New values: 1 p red and blue, 2 p blue, 4 p blue, 8 p blue.

1878 Value in cents written in numbers: 5 c red and blue, 15 c blue, 25 c blue, 50 c brown and blue, 1 R brown and violet, 1.50 R brown and violet, 2 R brown and violet, 2.50 R brown and violet, 5 R brown and violet, 10 R violet and brown.

1879 Value in cents written in letters: 5 c red and blue, 15 c blue, 15 c grey and black (1896), 25 c blue, 50 c brown and blue, 50 c yellow and black (1896), 75 c green and black, 1 R brown and violet, 1 R brown and red (1896), 1 R red and balck (1896), 1.25 R red and black, 1.50 R brown and violet, 1.85 R brown and black, 2 R brown and violet, 2 R green and black (1896), 2.50 R brown and violet, 2.50 R violet and black (1896), 3 R yellow and blue (1896), 3.75 R brown and black, 5 R brown and violet, 5 R orange and violet, 7.50 R grey and black, 10 R violet and brown, 10 R lilac and black (1896).

Several surcharges were issued in 1882 to 1891.




'INSURANCE' on Internal Revenue stamp, reduced size


BILL STAMP: First, Second and Third of Exchange:

The first stamps were issued in 1869:

Printed in strips of three, with "FIRST OF", "SECOND OF" or "THIRD OF" printed on top. The following values exist: 1 p blue, 2 p red, 4 p orange, 6 p green, 1 Sh 3 p brown, 1 Sh 8 p green, 3 Sh 4 p violet, 5 Sh orange, 6 Sh 8 p olive, 8 Sh 4 p blue and 16 Sh 8 p lilac.

The next set was also issued in 1869 and features the face of Queen Victoria:

(Reduced sizes)

1869: 1 p, 2 p, 4 p, 6 p (all in green), 1 Sh 3 p, 1 Sh 8 p, 3 Sh 4 p, 5 Sh, 6 Sh 8 p, 8 Sh 4 p, 16 Sh 8 p (all in brown).

1878-1903 With value in "CENTS" or "RUPEES":

Many values were issued (33 different stamps, some with value in a number and some with the value in words).

Postal Stationary

Envelopes were issued from 1862 onwards. Most of them with Queen Victoria. In 1891 an envelope was issued with the text 'GENERAL POST OFFICE MAURITIUS' and a crown in the center. Examples:

(With overprint 'CANCELLED')

Forgery, made by Fohl with overprint 'Falsch' (=forged in German), reduced size. It is mentioned in Album Weeds. The color is much more red-brown than the dark brown of the original stamp. In my view, the 'T' of 'POSTAGE' is placed too near to the '9'.

The above Fohl forgery can be distinghuished from the genuine stamps by the fact that the point of the crown of the Queen points towards the middle of the 'UR' of 'MAURITIUS'. In the genuine stamps it points towards the 'U'. This forgery is described in the Spud Papers LXVI.

Left genuine, right Fohl forgery.


1879 Head of Queen Victoria

  2 c brown
  6 c green
  6 c violet (1883)
  8 c blue


  'TWO CENTS' (red) on 8 c blue
  '2 CENTS' on 6 c green
  '4 CENTS' on 8 c blue

In the 1896 arms design are at least issued a postcard of 6 c lilac and the surcharge below:

'3' and bars (red) on 4 'Cents' on ? green. I've also seen it without the '3' surcharge.

Fac-similes of the first stamps of Mauritius

I've often seen album leafs with 'Fac-simile des timbres des Iles MAURICE' of the first stamps of Mauritius with french and german inscription. They must have been produced in large quantities (I don't know by who, but if anybody knows, please contact me!). Some of them have the overprint 'Fac-simile' and other 'Fac-Simile' (with capital letter 'S'). Some slightly different types seem to exist of some values (also printed together). The next image shows such a leaf, note that the inscription 'Fac-simile' has been crossed with a pen. I've also seen such a sheet with the German text replaced by French text.

Enlarged images of these 'Fac-similes':

(overprinted Fac-Simile)

Row of 4 two p 'Post Office' stamps with 'Fac-simile' overprint, note that there are two different types. The Queen even has a 'moustache' on the two stamps on the right.

Forgery with overprint 'Fac-Simile' Forgery! Does this one have the 'Fac-Simile' overprint removed?
Forgeries with 'Facsimile' overprint (and subsequently removed again on the second stamp)

Overprinted 'Fac-Simile'

Block of four 1 p stamps with 'Fac-simile' overprint pretending to be from a worn plate, note that there are several types.

'Fac-simile' of the Lapirot issue

A 1858 'Sherwin stamp' forgery with a 'Fac-simile' overprint and another 2 p stamp in the wrong colour orange (probably made by the same forger):

With partly erased 'Facsimile' overprint Forgery in the wrong colour

Sheetlet of forgeries, here without 'Fac-simile'

Scans from the above sheetlet.

Some other reprints, but now without 'Facsimile' overprint.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer