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1889 Non issued stamps inscription 'Malakote Postage'

These stamps were issued by the Germans for use in Malakote, but were not issued because of the British occupation of this territory. The following values exist: 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 pesa and 1 and 3 Rupees (source Senf 1938 catalogue, page 1315 and Friedemann page 206). The brothers Dehnhardt were planning to issue these stamps, but due to political changes, they were never actually issued. Cancelled stamps exist, but these stamps were never actually used.

Cancelled to order stamp.

According to Gernot Reinders, the values 4 and 8 pesa might not exist.

Are the following stamps bogus issues?:

(Reduced sizes)

Witu (German protectorate)

The stamps of Witu (or Swahililand or Suaheliland in German) were prepared, but didn't come into use (although Friedemann says they were in use). About 60 different postage stamps and 35 official stamps were prepared in 1889. Examples:

Cancel: single ring with "WITO", date and arabic text. According to Friedemann (page 208), also a cancel consisting of parallel bars with a "W" in the middle exists. Existing obliterated stamps are probably cancelled to order.

official stamp
(Reduced sizes)

From 1890 on, Witu belonged to British East Africa.

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