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Kamigata Forgeries (part 2)

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For more Kamigata forgeries, see cd #2.

Kamigata (Kamigataya in Japanese) was a stamp dealer in Tokyo (Japan). According to 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E. Tyler, Kamigata sold forged stamps from Japan, China, Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea and many other countries. If my information is correct, the forgeries were actually made by the printer Maeda Kihei (see http://www.michaelrogersinc.com/MichaelArticle-1.html).

A Kamigata forgery of the 1/2 p 1891 stamp of the British South Africa Company is described in 'Focus on Forgeries' by V.E.Tyler. Furthermore a local stamp of Wuhu is identified as a Kamigata forgery in this book. In both forgeries, the English inscriptions are badly done (misspelt words).

In the FFE Journal, furthermore Kamigata forgeries of Argentina, Hawaii, Leeward Islands, Siam, South Australia and the United States are described.

These forgeries of Suez have a cancel "IMITATION" and was made by the forger Kamigata of Japan. All four values were forged by Kamigata (see FFE Journal).

Here two Kamigata forgeries, both already with "IMITATION" cancels, which were further 'enhanced' with a "PORT SAID 15 VI 99" cancel.

Kamigata forgery of the 30 c green Queen Victoria stamp of Hong Kong, also with "IMITATION" cancel.

North Borneo forgeries, most of them with "IMITATION" cancel.

Forgeries of a 12 c stamp of Hawai. These forgeries were likely made by Kamigata, the cancel reads "MITATION MO? KAMIGATAYA POSTAGE ??"

Sudan forgeries with "IMITATION" cancel.

Another "IMITATION" forgery can be found at http://doig.net/1895Issue.html regarding a forgery of the first issue of Ethiopia (Menelik II, 1 g blue).

According to the book 'Focus on Forgeries' Kamigata made two forgeries of the 1902 jubilee issue of Korea, both forgeries have "XI." instead of "XL."

Stamp forgeries - Timbres-poste, faux - Briefmarken Fälschungen

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