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GERMANY Military Stamps

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Soldier stamps

1885 onwards

Other type
Inscription 'Soldaten-Brief Eigene Angelegenheit des Empfangers' (1889?)

Image obtained from Rainer Schulz

The first labels of this kind were reported in Le Timbre Poste of Moens in 1885 (No. 267, page 21).

Military stamps of World War II

1944 Fieldpost (military parcel post stamp), inscription 'FELDPOST 2 kg'

  '2 kg' on 40 p lilac


1942 Eagle in ellipse, inscription 'ZULASSUNGSMARKE DEUTSCHE FELDPOST'

  green (slightly smaller size, 1944)

The brown stamp exists perforated or rouletted.

Overprinted'Inselpost' (rare)

Reduced size


1942 Military air post stamp, inscription 'LUFTFELDPOST DEUTSCHES REICH', with image of aeroplane (perforated or rouletted)


Overprinted 'Inselpost' (rare, several types)

Reduced size

These stamps were issued on isolated island (Insel in German) during world war II. See also http://www.ebay.de/gds/feldpost-echt/10000000001311260/g.html for information on forgeries.


Submarine stamp

A stamp with inscription 'DEUTSCHE FELDPOST durch Uboot' was issued:

Forgery of this U-boot stamp

I have seen many (modern) forgeries of this stamp on documents addressed to 'Untere Apotheke Dr. OTTO SEITER EDENKOBEN (Pfalz) Fernsprecher 140'. These documents exist in many types and colours. The forgeries always bear the cancel 'GEHEIME - FELD - DIENSTPOST Ge. Sta. Po.' with an eagle in the center (as shown above).

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