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GERMANY 1945 ISSUES, part 2

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Just after the second world war, numerous local stamps were issued in Germany. Some examples are given below:

For more Germany 1945 local issues, see part 1 or part 3.


I have seen the following values: 3 p black (?), 4 p brown, 5 p green, 6 p blue, 8 p brown, 10 p orange, 12 p red, 20 p blue, 24 p green, 30 p orange, 40 p red and 60 p brown.

(More primitive stamps in a similar design)

  6+24 p red
  12+28 p green
  24+36 p brown 
  40+40 p blue

Also more primitive labels were issued for this town:

(Inscription 'Wertpaket Valeur Declaree')



(Stamps of Germany, overprinted 'XEPHXYT HERRNHUT')


Köln, Cologne (1946), inscription 'Gebuhr bezahlt Postamt Koln'

(Reduced size, certified genuine, 84 p and 24 p printed together)

  24 p violet on lilac
  84 p violet on lilac




tamps of Germany (Hitler issue) were overprinted with a fancy 'D' in a circle. I've also seen a 6 p violet postcard with the same overprint.



Inscription 'Amt Lohne' overprinted 'Gebuhr Bezahlt'

(More primitive label)

'Gebühr bezahlt 6 Pfennig' and '12 Pfennig'



Various designs:

  5 p + 5 p green (young tree)
  6 p + 4 p violet (arms of city, fish and stars)
  8 p + 7 p orange (young tree)
  10 p + 10 p (industry)
  12 p + 8 p red (arms of city)
  16 p + 9 p green on blue (young tree)
  24 p + 16 p brown on blue (industry)
  30 p + 30 p green (arms of city)

I have seen all these stamps perforated and imperforate.


Solidarity stamps:

(Solidaritatsaktion Stadt Lubbenau Deutsche Post)

  10 p + 20 p green (arms with fish and stars)
  12 p + 28 p violet (arms with fish and stars)
  16 p + 34 p orange (family)
  24 p + 56 p brown (family)

I have also seen these stamps perforated.



I have only seen a stamp with '40 Rpf. Nachw. in Lutjenburg Ostholstein' in the colour blue:




The following values exist:
  5 p + 15 p green (building a house)
  6 p + 24 p violet (tree symbol) 
  8 p + 32 p orange (lifting steel)
  12 p + 48 p brown (destroyed bridge)

Also some Hitler stamps received black blotches (Schwärzung) in Meissen.

These Hitler stamps also exist with overprint 'Deutschlands Verderber' (I have seen the values 1 p, 3 p, 4 p, 5 p, 6 p, 8 p, 10 p, 12 p, 15 p, 16 p, 20 p, 24 p, 25 p, 30 p, 40 p, 50 p, 60 p and 80 p). The overprint is larger on the larger sized stamps (25 p to 80 p).



Some stamps with inscription 'Gebuhr bezahlt! Mindelheim' or 'Gebuhr bezahlt!' were issued in this town.



Stamps of Germany (Hitler issue) exists with overprint 'Blut und Tranen seiner Tat sein Wirken war nur Missetat'.



I have seen a Hitler stamp of 1 p overprinted with a large '12' in a circle, surrounded by a rectangular frame. This overprint covers Hitlers face:



Several Hitler stamps were overprinted in this town. Among them black blotches and a rectangle consisting of small squares with '1945' printed at the bottom:

I've seen the values 3 p, 4 p and 12 p of the Hitler set with this overprint.



(Stadt Niesky)

I have seen the values 6 p violet (arms), 6 p violet (value) and 12 p red (arms).



For some local stamps of Oldenburg click here.


Germany 1945 local issues, part 3

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