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Forgeries of the 1849 issue:

In the genuine stamps, there should be 97 pearls around the central circle.

(Spiro forgeries, reduced sizes)

(Spiro forgery?)

I have seen Spiro forgeries. They have a very peculiar cancel: an ellipse with horizontal lines.

(Other primitive forgery of the 25 c value)

(Forgery of the 1 F value)

Fournier forgery:

(Fournier forgery)

I do not know the distinguishing characteristics of the above Fournier forgeries, but I do know that Fournier used the cancel 'PARIS 23 JANV. 49 (60)' as in the above forgery of the 1 F.

Fournier has used forged cancels, examples of these forged cancels (taken from a Fournier Album):

Fournier has also used other forged cancels. Fournier used these cancels on his forgeries. I don't have any further information at this moment.



In the above forgeries, the hair just above the forehead is quite different from the genuine stamps. Also note the insertion of the value part (especially visible in the 20 c forgery). I've been told that these forgeries were also sold by Fournier (could this be the second choice forgeries that he offers?). Other sources say these forgeries were made by Spiro. I have also seen the 10 c brown (with cancel), 15 c green (with cancel) and the 20 c black (without cancel) and 25 c blue (with and without cancel).

In the above stamps a 25 c and 1 F of this forgery is found printed together with a Napoleon III forgery of the same value. This proves that these two stamps were made by the same forger.

Sperati forgery:

Sperati forgery!
(Sperati forgery)

The above Sperati forgery is often referred to as 'Reproduction D', the star cancellation is always the same and located in the same position for every forgery (this is an easy way to detect this forgery). Sperati produced this forgery in a pair (the other stamp not shown here). Other distinguishing characteristics are: there is a white dot behind the 'B' of 'REPUB' and white dots before and after the 'R' of 'FRANC'. There is also a white dot between the 'O' and 'S' of 'POSTES'.
I know that Sperati also made forgeries of the 10 c value (several 'reproductions'). More images of Sperati forgeries (including tete-beche forgeries) can be found at: http://www.seymourfamily.com/rfrajola/Sperati/speratiindex.htm (Richard Frajola).

Another 'proof' of Sperati in the value 30 c:

(Sperati 'proof' front and backside)

Other forgeries:


I think this stamp is a forgery, since the '25 c' is different from the genuine stamps.

I've been told that the following stamp is a forgery as well:


And another 'suspect' stamp:

1 Fr red

1 Fr red and orange
(Two colour varieties, I think both of these stamps are forgeries!)

The tete-beche stamps have also been forged, for example the forger Fournier is known to have made forgeries. I

have also seen a Peter Winter tete-beche forgery of the 10c red(!), 15 c orange!), 40 c orange and 40 c red(!):

(Peter Winter tete-beche forgeries)

(Other Winter products block of 4 stamps with one inverted stamp, note the 'BEAUNE 3 5 18??' cancel which seems to have been used often by Winter)

Winter also sold his forgeries normally:

(A 10 c orange (!) and a 15 c red(!) Winter forgery, I have also seen a 10 c red)

This forgery has the cancel 'LE LAC-OR.....', (the rest becomes very blotchy and I cannot deceipher it), I have also seen a bloc of four forgeries, where 1 stamp was printed tete-beche with exactly the same cancel.

I recently obtained information that this forgery was also made by Peter Winter (for more information see: http://www.sheryll.net/Forgeries/Ugly_Sellers/Forgeries_article_Ugly_Sellers.htm).

Other tete-beche forgery:

(Other tete-beche forgery)


Postal forgeries of the 1870 issue

Two different kinds of postal forgeries are known to have been used in Marseilles. Used postal forgeries always have the cancel '2240' of Marseilles.

Reduced sizes, 'Marseille' forgery

The above postal forgery has a white dot in front of the left '20' which touches the white line to the left of it. There is a 'white space' in the triangular region just above the left '20'. The general appearance of this forgery is very bad. The 'P' of 'POSTES' has a 'tail'.

I have not yet been able to obtain an image of the second postal forgery of Marseilles.


Forgeries of the 1871 issue:

Perforations cut!

The above stamp has the perforations cut off, to make it seem a french colonies issue or a Bordeaux issue. However, the cancel 'Le Havre' proofs that this is not a french colony issue. The Bordeaux issue differs in many aspects from the perforated stamps. So the stamp is just a forgery!

The above forgeries are overprinted 'B.BALLON P.E.'; could this be an attempt to imitate a rare cancel?

Postal forgery of Oran:

I've been told that this is a postal forgery made in Oran (Algeria) of the 25 c blue,I have no further information concerning this forgery

I have seen many 'stamps' with 'AA POSTES AA' in the design resembling the 1849 issue of France, I have seen many colours, also blocks with tete-beche stamps; I don't know where these so-called 'vignettes' come from

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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