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FRANCE 1862 Reprints of the first issues

Réimpressions de 1862

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In 1862 some reprints were made of the first issues of France, generally in lighter colours than the original stamps on whiter paper.

Ceres issue

Reprints exist of all values of the Ceres issue, including the unissued 20 c blue and the essay (but with '25 c' overprint instead of '25'). Both types of the 40 c ('4' different) were reprinted. Examples of Ceres reprints:

Certified 1863 20 c reprint. Certified 1862 1 F reprint.

(Reprint of an essay; 25 c on 20 c, image obtained from http://www.sandafayre.com)

The sizes of the reprints are also slightly different from the genuine stamps.


Napoleon III issues

The stamps of Napoleon III of 1852, with inscription 'REPUB FRANC' were also reprinted in 1862 (both values 10 c and 25 c). I've seen such a reprint with the upper right corner removed, to prevent illicit use.

Reprints of the 'REPUB FRANC' Napoleon III stamps


The values 25 c and 1 F (also tete beche) imperforates stamps of Napoleon III of 1853, with inscription 'EMPIRE FRANC' were also reprinted in 1862. The 1 F reprint was printed on greyish paper.

Reprints of the 'EMPIRE FRANC' stamps


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