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Phillip de FERRARI

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Phillip de Ferrari

Phillip de Ferrari de la Renotière (Ferrary) was a famous stamp collector. His name seems to be spelt in different ways Von Ferrary, De Ferrari etc. He was born on 11th January 1850 and died in 20th May 1917. His intention was to donate his entire collection to the Postal Museum in Berlin, however, his collection was confiscated by the French and auctioned off from 1921 to 1926 in order to pay for war damages after World War I.

Examples from his collection:

Only existing copy of this stamp!
Most famous stamp of his collection the 1 c British Guiana stamp.

Image obtained from a Shreves auction
Inverted head India 4 a stamp

Unsevered Nevis stamp.

Confederate States Goliad 10 c stamp

Confederate States Greenwood stamp on cover.

St.Louis stamp. Image obtained from a Shreves auction, with typical cancel.

Image obtained from a Siegel auction
Greenville 10 c stamp.

Image obtained from a Siegel auction
'GOILAD' error (should have been 'GOLIAD').

Confederate stamp of Baton Rouge with wrong inscription 'McCcrmick' ('c' instead of 'o').

Ex Ferrari stamp
British Guiana Cotton Reel with no signature.

Ex Du Pont collection, Ex-Ferrary
British Guiana Auction I; item 33.

Ex-Ferrary Ex-Ferrari Ex-Ferrari
British Guiana Auction II, items 260, 272 and 273.

Ex-Ferrary collection
British Guiana Auction I; item 54.

Labuan '6 Cents' on 40 c yellow. Auction V: item 312.



Hawaii (images obtained from a Siegel auction)

South Australia 4 p blue without '3 PENCE' overprint.

Block of four Saxony stamps.

The only surviving block of 20 stamps, image obtained from https://www.stampsx.com/forum/topic.php?id=398&s=55361ef6ee752019cf69c0f7eb10fdaa, it once belonged to Ferrari and was sold as item 546 in the VIth Ferrari auction.

'Die Ferrary Auktionen' reprint from 1987 Joachim Erhardt, Stuttgart; nice book with many images.

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