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BAHAMAS Cancels on the first issues

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Currency: 4 farthings = 1 penny; 12 pence = 1 Shilling; 20 Shillings = 1 Pound

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Before the introduction of its own stamps in 1859 the stamps of Great Britain were used. They can be recognized by the cancel "A05" of the Bahamas (I have never seen such a stamp myself).


The typical cancel is "A05":

Stamps cancelled with a pencancel are usually fiscally used (see remark at the end of this page). These cancels have sometimes been removed and a forged postal cancel has been applied to the stamp.
I have seen a similar bar cancel with a "B" instead of "A05":

"B" cancels

"A BAHAMAS" in a single circle cancel and "NASSAU NEW PROVIDENCE" in a single circle.

I've been told that the next 'A05' cancel is rare (it is different from the previously shown 'A05' cancels):

Stamp with circular 'RAGGED ISLAND' cancel used in 1894

Forged cancels (on forged stamps)

Spiro forged cancels

Oneglia forgeries with a bar with "G" cancel and four concentric rings (images obtained thanks to Gerhard Lang)

This Spiro forgery has an additional "BO*TUK" cancel. This cancel also appears on the forgeries from Western Australia and St.Helena as shown in the next images.

Fiscally used stamps

General note on cancelled stamps of the Bahamas: most stamps with pencancels are used fiscally and worth considerably less then postally used stamps. Bahamas did not issue any special fiscal stamps.

6 p lilac, with pen cancellation (fiscally used)

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